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Marty Taglieri teaches all ages and levels and caters the lesson to the students' wants. If the student wants to learn the violin or viola as a light hobby, lessons can be more relaxed whereas those who would like a more advanced lesson style can opt for longer more disciplined lessons. Various styles can be learned like classical, pop, fiddle, and sacred along with basic theory.

Lesson Length
  • 30 minutes
advised for beginners or those up to 6th gr.
  • 45 minutes for some
  • 60 minutes+
for advanced students

The Term

Lessons are taught year-round except for winter and spring break according to the public school calendar and possibly a week or two in the summer. 

These will be sent upon inquiry. They contain addresses of studios, prices and details.
There are Recitals.All are voluntary.


  • Properly fitted good quality instrument

  • Consistent, focused practice

  • Enthusiasm to learn. Listening to recordings and attending concerts encouraged

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